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Inter ASsociation 2014

22 Nov, 2014

Everyone at Dukinfield Marlins ASC would like to wish Patrick Braddock good luck for today and tomorrow.

Patrick, who has worked tirelessly this season, has been picked to swim the 50m breaststroke, 50m butterfly, 200m breaststroke, 200m butterfly and 200m inidividual medley for Central Lancashire in the Inter Association this year.

It’s onwards and upwards for the rising star of Dukinfield Marlins.

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Junior Fun Gala, November 28th @ 7:30pm

19 Nov, 2014

Dear Parents, Carers and Members,

Dukinfield Marlins will be hosting a Junior Fun Gala on Friday, November 28th at 7:30pm ahead of it’s Annual Gala on Saturday, November 29th. As there are age restrictions for the Annual Gala, the club puts on this great fun event for children who are unable to enter the Annual Gala and it’s a wonderful evening!

Any children under 6 years old can enter the Junior Fun Gala and any children who cannot swim more than 10m can also enter the Junior Fun Gala.

Children aged 6 years old and over and CAN swim 25m or more are not eligible for this Fun Gala.

There are no forms to fill in. To enter your child, please register your interest at the desk. You can also email marlinsasc@btinternet.com to register your child for the Junior Fun Gala.

The cost of the gala is the normal lesson cost of £3:50. You can pay in advance or on the night. There will be an increased spectator fee for that evening but this will include a raffle and it all goes to helping the club.

Eligible children from both Thursdays and Fridays can enter.

All races are across the shallow end of the pool and if your child still uses flotation aids, these can be worn. Older squad members will also be in the water to help the younger children during the evening and spectators will be on poolside.


We hope that as many of our younger ones will come along to take part. It’s great fun for all and our previous entrants to this gala have had a great time! If you have any questions about the gala, please speak to the desk or email the address given.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Two Distance Sessions For December

05 Nov, 2014

Dukinfield Marlins ASC will be holding another distance badge session for club members just before Christmas. We will be running this session on Saturday, December 6th at 3:00pm to 5:00pm. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN TIME FOR THIS SESSION. There is no need to book a place in advance but if you are planning to attempt a swim of 1km or more, please be at the pool ready to begin for 3pm. Certificates cost £3:00 each and will be ready for collection from Thursday, December 11th. The cost of spectating costs 50p per adult, (no charge for children). Please could parents / carers, etc spectate from the balcony not from poolside. Thank you.

Also running on this day is a special distance session for any Marlins members who have passed their 5km distance badges. We are hosting a 10km distance session and if you would like to come along to this mega session to attempt to pass your 10km, you will be most welcome! ALL 10km attempts will begin at 1:00pm and run alongside the normal squad training session. When squad training finishes, those attempting their 10km distance will continue in the water and the distance session will begin following squad training.

*** There is a cost involved for members attending the 10km distance session to contribute towards the cost of hiring the pool for an additional two hours. As yet, we do not know what this cost will be but the more members we get giving this a go, the cheaper it will be. If you ARE planning on attempting your 10km, please notify the desk in advance so that we will have a good idea of how many members to expect on the day. Why not give it a go? It’s not often you’ll get an opportunity like this! Earn yourself bragging rights for the rest of 2014! ***

Posters will be on the noticeboard for both the normal distance session and the extending 10km session.

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Dukinfield Marlins Annual Gala

18 Oct, 2014

A reminder to everyone that Dukinfield Marlins ASC will host its Annual Gala on Saturday, November 29th at 1:00pm. Details have been sent out previously and there is a poster on the noticeboard giving further details. You can also check out our website too for further information about the gala.

Entry forms are available electronically below. We will also have some hard copies available soon on the desk for anyone who hasn’t got access to a printer.

For those who have, please help the club by printing your own copy of the form off and bringing it in completed with the entry fee to the desk by SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15th at the latest! Let’s make this the biggest and best Annual Gala yet!!

Entry Form: Click Here

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