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23 Dec, 2014

A big thank you to those that took part at the Morrisons bag packing. You managed to raise £373.66 for club funds.

Your help and effort is very much appreciated.

Have a great Christmas and a happy new year.

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Christmas Arrangements

03 Dec, 2014

Dukinfield Marlins will be holding an Inflatable Fun Session on Saturday, December 20th at 1:00pm to celebrate Santa’s imminent arrival on Christmas Eve! All members, parents, carers, family members and friends are welcome to come along and join in the fun! The cost of the swim is £3:50 per swimmer and adult spectators pay 50p. As this is a departure from our normal session, the admission policy is different so please make note of the changes below:

As this session is being operated more like a public swim session due to it being open to family and friends of club members but who are not club members themselves, we will operate in line with Tameside’s admission policy for a session of this nature.

Children who are under the age of 8 years old need to be accompanied in the water by a parent, carer or responsible adult regardless of their current swimming ability. Adults can have 2 children who fall into this age restriction with them. Children who still need to use flotation aids also need to be accompanied as above.

Anyone using the inflatable MUST be able to swim a minimum of 50m, (2 lengths of the pool), without the use of flotation aids. This applies to all ages. (If you are unsure of whether or not your child can swim 50m, we are holding a Distance Badge Session this coming Saturday at 3:00pm so please do come along and your child can try for their 50m badge.)

If your child cannot swim 2 lengths of the pool, (without needing flotation aids), you can still bring them along to the fun session for a play and a splash about. They just wouldn’t be able to use the inflatable.

Children aged 8 years and older and who can swim without flotation aids do not need an adult to be with them in the water but why should they have all the fun?! As stated above, they can also bring family members and friends with them who are not members of the club as long as the above restrictions are adhered to.

At the completion of this fun session, the club will close for the Christmas and New Year holidays. We will reopen to lessons and squad training on Thursday, January 8th at 6:30pm as normal.

We would also like to remind all parents, carers and members that on Sunday, December 21st, we are in Morrisons, Hyde, bag packing to raise much needed funds for the club. We are bag packing from 10am to 3pm and there is a volunteers sheet displayed on the club’s noticeboard with further information also posted. We would be very grateful for any offer of help you can give us to ensure that the bag packing event is a huge success. We are hoping that volunteers can spare us an hour of their time during the day and the aim is to have someone bag packing on every open till in the store! Please sign up on the sheet at the pool. Thank you!

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Membership Renewals For 2015

03 Dec, 2014

This is the first notification regarding membership renewals for next year. All club memberships effectively expire after December 31st 2014 and need to be renewed during January and February of 2015 in accordance with ASA regulations. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS.

There are two levels of membership:

The main level of membership is a Category 1 membership and most of our members are CAT 1. The cost of a CAT 1 membership at Dukinfield Marlins for 2015 is £25:00.

The higher rated level of membership is a Category 2 membership. Most of our current CAT 2 members know that they are a CAT 2 and should they wish to continue competing in licensed open meets will know to pay this higher level. The fee for 2015 is £42:00. Please note: If you have already entered your child to compete in the Stockport Mini Meets for the first time and they will be aged 10 yrs, 11 yrs or 12 yrs by the time the Mini Meets finish on June 27th, they will need to pay the higher CAT 2 membership.

If you have any queries regarding memberships, please speak to myself and I can help. My email address is karenbraddock@btinternet.com.

Kind Regards,

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Your Club Needs You

27 Nov, 2014

Dukinfield Marlins will be at Morrisons in Hyde on Sunday, December 21st for a bag packing fund raiser. There will be a sheet available at the club with a list of times that we would very much like to have covered by as many members as possible. We have been given 10:00am to 3:00pm for our bag pack so the day will be divided into hourly slots; 10am to 11am, 11am to 12pm, 12pm to 1pm, 1pm to 2pm and 2pm to 3pm.

It would be fantastic if we could have someone bag packing on almost every till that day. We will have some spare club shirts with us for volunteers to borrow, (please hand them back at the end of your session). This Christmas bag pack has been very successful in the past so please do help to support your club by volunteering an hour of your time to assist us on December 21st.

There are a few age restrictions which we need to adhere to. Children under 8 years old can’t pack bags but could still accompany parents or carers if you were happy to lend a hand bag packing for an hour. Children aged 8 years and over can pack but will need to be supervised. We do request that a parent or carer stay with their child just to supervise. If a couple of friends would like to work together to bag pack, all we would need is one adult to stay with them. If any parents of our older club members would be able to spare a little time too just to help keep an eye on proceedings, we would be very grateful.

Morrisons do request that there is no eating or drinking at the tills and please do not shake buckets at their customers for donations. Please remember to be polite at all times. In addition to wearing Marlins club kit when bag packing, the addition of tinsel scarves, reindeer antlers, Christmas jewellery and possibly the odd red nose here and there would be a really fun and festive touch!

Dukinfield Marlins would like thank everyone in advance for any time that they can spare on this day to help raise much needed funds for the club. We look forward to seeing you there! Check out the club’s noticeboard for the sign up sheet and you can also contact the club on marlinsasc@btinternet.com to let us know if you can help out.

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