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Junior League Gala Fixtures 2015

18 Feb, 2015

The dates for the Junior League have been announced.

We have our home swims on the following Saturdays (with a 1:15pm warm-up):

21/03/15 v Ramsbottom
02/05/15 v Saddleworth
06/06/15 v Rochdale.

The away swims are as follows:

22/06/14 Monday v Chadderton (warm up at 7:15pm)
18/07/15 Sunday v Flixton (warm up at 4:15pm)
04/10/15 Sunday v Ashton Central (warm up TBC)

Teams and more details will be on the boards as usual, and any questions – please give us a shout.

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Dukinfield Marlins Diary Fundraiser!

22 Jan, 2015

Dukinfield Marlins are launching a brand new fundraiser and you could be quids in!

Starting from tonight, there will be a diary available at the club. Choose a date and write your name and contact number in the right space. It costs £1:00 per date chosen and you can have more than one go! Make sure you have a few dates in mind in case your chosen date has already been selected.

Waiting in the wings is a card which has been signed and sealed by the Cook Supervisor at a local school. This lady has written a date on the card, prior to sealing it. When the diary is full, the card will be opened and the person who has chosen the winning date will win £65:00!! Not bad for a couple of minutes’ work!

Only one person knows the date written on the card…and they are not allowed to play! The organiser does not know the date chosen but will not play in the interests of fairness. Everyone else though is eligible and it’s time to start choosing those dates!

The diary can be taken to places of work or other gatherings for a day or two if anyone feels that they know of relatives, friends and/or colleagues who might like to get involved. The more people we have taking part, the sooner the diary will fill up and the sooner someone will be £65:00 better off! The remainder of the money, (£300), will go to club funds to help with the cost of pool hire.

So, as Valentine’s Day approaches, make a date with your club…you’ll love how it pays dividends!

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