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Stroke Championships 2015

09 Jun, 2015

Dukinfield Marlins are pleased to announce the 2015 In-House Stroke Championships! The competition takes place over 2 weekends in July and is open to Dukinfield Marlins swimming club members only. An electronic copy of the entry form is attached for your convenience but paper copies will be made available at the desk if you do not have access to a printer. Please see below for terms and conditions of entry to the Stroke Championships.

First Round is Saturday, July 4th at 1:00pm – Entry cost is £5:00

Second Round is Saturday, July 11th at 1:00pm – Entry cost is £5:00

Only children who are members of Dukinfield Marlins swimming club are eligible to take part in this gala.

Swimmers MUST be aged at least 6 years of age by Saturday, July 11th 2015 to take part. Any swimmer who does not turn at least 6 years old by this date cannot enter.

Swimmers aged 6 years old to 10 years old inc by July 11th must be able to swim a minimum distance of 25m without the use of flotation aids. This is 1 length of the pool.

Swimmers aged 11 years of age or older by Saturday, July 11th 2015 must be able to swim a minimum distance of 50m, which is 2 lengths of the pool.

Swimmers can enter just one round or both rounds of the competition.

The closing date to submit entries for the competition is Saturday, June 27th.

No late entries can be accepted.

There are no refunds for swimmers who withdraw from the competition after the closing date.

There are no refunds for swimmers who do not show up on the day of the competition.

The competition replaces the normal Junior Squad and Regular Squad training sessions on these dates.

The club cannot advise entrants which strokes will be swum in each round. This is not determined until all the entries have been submitted and the competition organiser has received them all and begins to work out the events over the two sessions.

Spectating will be on poolside. The cost to spectate is £2 per adult and this includes a raffle prize draw. (Accompanying children can watch for free).

Presentations will take place on poolside during the competition.

Older squad members will be present to help younger / new entrants, especially if they are a little nervous about swimming. These squad members will be in the water with any swimmer who feels they need that little extra support and encouragement.

For swimmers who have never taken part in a gala before, especially if they are a bit younger, can be very nervous about giving it a go and for them, this is a BIG DEAL! We ask that ALL spectators bear this in mind and please cheer and encourage these youngsters on in their swims. Let’s bring the roof down in Duki on July 4th and July 11th whilst your swimmers make you proud!


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The Use Of Social Media By Club Members

04 Jun, 2015

As more and more clubs and swimmers become connected by social media using sites like Facebook and Twitter it is imperative that we all stick to a firm set of rules when it comes to communicating with others via these means.

In the past some swimmers have been involved in actions towards other swimmers over Facebook and / or Twitter which have brought the club name into disrepute, upsetting swimmers involved with Dukinfield Marlins and other clubs along the way.

Can we remind all swimmers and parents that bullying of any kind over any medium is unacceptable, and we shall soon be releasing a new code of conduct that we expect all our swimmers to adhere to. Breech of the code of conduct could see you or your child suspended / expelled from the club.

You can find more information on social media usage from THIS ASA document.

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